You are currently viewing 10 Nasty Things Hiding in the Household Couch that Need to Be Cleaned this Holiday Season

With the holidays coming soon, making sure things are clean is more important than ever for preventing the spread of germs during the holiday season. Some of the things in your house that you’re likely forgetting to clean on the regular can spread the flu and other viruses and harmful bacteria. Right about now, you may be considering sealing yourself in a plastic bubble because there seems to be no way to escape germs.

Before you do anything drastic, once you know which neglected household items to clean, you can significantly reduce the level of germs in your home. Because, in this case, knowledge is power. Along with vacuuming your couch at least once a month, you should consider having it professionally cleaned on an annual basis especially before the holiday season hits; don’t forget to call ServiceMaster Remediation Services, a professional upholstery cleaning company in Pompano Beach Fl. This is an affordable way to keep it clean and well maintained.

These Are 10 Nasty Things Hiding In The Household Couch That Need To Be Cleaned This Holiday Season.

1. Bacteria from your pets

If you have a pet at home, chances are your home has proteobacteria. This is a broad group of bacteria, covering roughly a third of all known species, so the problems can be quite diverse, up to and including what causes whooping cough. In general, however, this group of bacteria primarily travels not through the body, or through your dog’s body, but through the dust, so if you have a dog that loves the outdoors, chances are your home has this bacteria, and if they love to sleep on the couch or carpet, rest assured that this bacteria is deeply embedded in it.

2. Saliva on your sheets

You may have heard of streptococcus bacteria from your dentist as it is the primary reason we brush our teeth. These bacteria love to hang out in our mouths, chomping down on any food caught there and releasing acid during their digestion process. It is this acid and these bacteria that we are trying to get rid of with a thorough cleaning, but they don’t only reside in our mouths. They also hang out in our homes. In general, these bacteria live on our sheets and pillowcases, but it can end up on our couches as well, especially if you are prone to falling asleep while watching television.

3. E. Coli from food leftovers

Most of these bacteria are harmless, content to chow down on your forgotten leftovers, but some can cause severe issues, especially for those most likely to put those pieces of food in their mouths, like pets and small children. Generally, the foods these bacteria like best are fruits and vegetables, so you can worry less if the food is mostly chips and popcorn, but it’s still a good excuse to give your couch a regular cleaning even if there is no occasion.

4. Dust mites and allergies

Dust and the ubiquitous dust mite can also be found in plentiful populations in any of your soft furnishings, such as sofas, couches, cushions, beanbags, curtains, and beds. If that sounds highly unappealing to you, it’s a good idea to get your upholstery and soft furnishings thoroughly cleaned.

5. Harmful mold

The unfortunate reality for homes in humid and warm climates is the presence of mold – in the bathroom tiles, kitchen, and even in soft furnishings and upholstery. Because these furnishings are often made of soft and absorbent fabric, then can collect excess moisture and provide conditions for mold to grow.

6. Food particles

If you eat food on your couch, it most likely is full of crumbs and tiny food particles. Typically, that means that it is also full of sugar, grease, and other ingredients that are commonly found in food. When upholstery fabric gets greasy or oily, it tends to attract dirt, which can leave your couch looking old and grubby, even if it is relatively new.

7. Grease and oils

Nasty, greasy couches might not be inherently dangerous in themselves, but they can give rise to the promotion of unsanitary conditions. Grease and oil can create a haven for dirt and germs to collect, and can also make your couch look unsightly with dark and stained patches.

8. Harmful chemicals

Aerosols, home cleaners, dust, paint, and plastics can all leave their residue or particulates in the fabric of your soft furnishings or couch. Home cleaners are often full of chemicals that can irritate sensitive individuals and may not be great for health.

9. Pet dander.

If you have pets, your couch is most likely full of pet dander. All animals leave behind these tiny flakes of skin. For people who are allergic to animals, dander can increase symptoms. It also provides food for dust mites, which can lead to an increase in these unwanted pests.

10. Hair and skin flakes

Like pets, people also lose skin flakes wherever they go. That means that your couch is most likely full of tiny flakes of skin from all of the people who have sat on it in the past. Again, this means that your couch is essentially a perfect habitat for dust mites.

A professional upholstery cleaner like our team at ServiceMaster Remediation Services uses safe techniques and environmentally friendly products to deep clean and remove all harmful particles from the furnishings. While hearing about the hidden dangers hiding in your couch might leave you feeling a little grossed out, the upside is that upholstery cleaning services in Pompano Beach Fl can thoroughly and successfully take care of any mess, stain, bug or germ lurking in the depths of your couches or sofas. Renew your home and restore it to its original glory with a healthy and safe professional clean these holidays. Contact ServiceMaster Remediation Services at 954-969-5906 or visit for more details. We are serving businesses and homeowners located in Southeast Florida, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach.