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All we want is to keep our property and belongings safe. We want to make sure that everything and everyone is doing well. But what if a fire burns our house or a part of it? What should we do? How do we properly handle such a situation?

ServiceMaster 24/7 is a restoration and repair company that is 24/7 ready to assist and respond with all your fire damage restoration and repair needs.

It is very devastating seeing something you work hard for years burn into ashes. The question you’ll be asking is how do you repair or how do you recover from this incident. Most of the time you want to restore and keep the original state of your properties before the fire damage. Some of you want something new in that particular area or renovate it. For this to happen you have to make sure that you hire a licensed and experienced restoration company that can respond to your concerns as soon as possible. You need to hire professionals who are well trained and have a lot of experience and the best restoration company like ServiceMaster 24/7. We, at ServiceMaster 24/7 are equipped with state of the art equipment and have the best and experienced team that can handle any fire damage restoration and repair services.

ServiceMaster 24/7 can do the work properly and meet your expectations or exceed them. If you are located in Florida or nearby Counties of Broward, Palm Beach, Brevard, St. Lucie, Martin, Monroe, Miami-Dade, call ServiceMaster 24/7 for faster response and quality services. Choosing a professional is always the best choice. We respond within an hour, assess the damage, recover the disaster as quickly as possible, take immediate action to prevent further damage, work with insurance carriers to determine which repairs will be covered by your insurance plan and outline a disaster program to get your home or business back and give you peace of mind. Knowing this you could at least breathe some fresh air and clear your mind.

So if you find yourself in a devastating fire loss situation, contact ServiceMaster 24/7 at 954-969-5906 immediately. Give yourself ease knowing you are in the hands of trained professionals during a traumatic event.