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Sewage flood damage is considered the most dangerous type of water damage loss you can experience. Sewer Back up can present a critical health risk and if not resolved quickly over time health risks are presented due to ongoing microbial developments. Like most bio contaminants, sewage creates risky threats to children, the elderly and those with respiratory and a weekend immune system.

Bacteria, parasites, and viruses are transmitted through sewer back up and it is very hard to predict.

What You Should Expect From Servicemaster Remediation Services Sewage Clean Up Company?

24/7 Rapid Response

An immediate response – day or night!

Anytime you have sewage damage, you have an emergency on your hands and you need a sewage extraction company that will respond immediately. That’s why when you call us,  we can immediately dispatch the closest crew to your home or business.

Free Estimates

A fair price driven by insurance approved rates!

There are some sewage cleaning companies that ‘ballpark’ their estimates based on whatever they think they should charge. But we offer you a free estimate that is purely determined using estimating software that is insurance-approved!

Can You Save My Carpets?

Carpets and carpet padding can not be saved once it has sewage damage. We will remove and safely dispose of it before continuing to extract sewage and make sure your sub-floor is clean and disinfected. Once everything is clean and dry we can then replace your carpet so it truly is good as new!

The reality when it comes to sewage on carpet is that the cost to extract, dry and clean your carpets and pad is prohibitively expensive, not to mention the fact that despite the best equipment and techniques, carpet’s extremely porous nature means that it’s impossible to fully disinfect and sanitize the carpet or carpet padding.

We have handled hundreds of emergency sewage back-up clean outs. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our sewage extraction process is the same. ServiceMaster Remediation Services uses patented equipment and certified techniques to completely remove sewage from your home or office. We then utilize sanitizers to inhibit future mold growth.

A sewage back up situation can be a traumatizing ordeal. That is why we are committed to providing the highest level of sewage cleanup services and the best possible customer service.

Call us today at 954-969-5906, if you have experienced an emergency sewage back up. We will respond within minutes of your call, we are a company you can depend on 24/7.