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Lead is a cheap and useful metal found frequently in the environment and older homes. Among the jobs that expose workers to lead include battery manufacturers, police officers, plumbers, and construction workers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lead exposure happens by coming in contact with lead through inhaling, touching, or swallowing lead or its dust.

While it has been phased out of many consumer products due to its toxicity and potential impact on human health and the environment, lead remains a significant legacy in the community. Learn how to keep yourself safe from lead in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Lead Exposure in Pompano Beach, Florida

Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal and has soft greyish-blue color. People can be exposed to lead in the environment through the air, dust, food, and water. Lead is mainly absorbed into the body from eating or inhalation.

According to the CDC, symptoms of exposure to very high levels of lead include:

The symptoms of lead exposure happen gradually, so it’s easy to overlook lead poisoning. In high quantities, lead exposure may result in anemia, kidney and brain damage, and death in more severe cases.

Working with lead does not present a health risk, provided you follow some lead safety practices in Pompano Beach with these very simple steps:

ServiceMaster's Lead Safety Practices

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