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Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved American holidays. It’s traditional for families and loved ones to gather during this day and partake in a feast. With everyone busy helping with cooking and other preparations, it’s easy to overlook circumstances and hazards that may develop into accidents later on. No one certainly wants to be interrupted in the middle of a meal!

To prevent spoiling your Thanksgiving dinner, here are some practical tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Restore.

  1. Have a fire escape plan. Prepare your very own emergency plan if you don’t have one yet, and communicate it to family members and guests. Make sure that exits are unobstructed and marked.
  2. Check your fire alarms. Replace batteries annually and test your fire alarms every month to ensure they are working properly. Do this before Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Watch over your pets. Your pets may display unusual behavior in the presence of guests. Consider keeping them in a separate room.
  4. Use safe decorations. Use battery-operated candles and tested-and-approved electric lights. Check for loose connections and frayed wires before setting your lights up.
  5. Drink responsibly. If you serve alcohol, make sure to consider guests that need to drive after the party. Make sure everyone has a sober driver, a ride-sharing service, or a taxi service they can call if they don’t have one.
  6. Wear proper cooking gear. Loose clothing can cause accidents and fires.
  7. Never leave the kitchen while cooking. Never leave cooking food unattended. Stay in the kitchen at all times until all cooking activities are finished. Unplug all cooking equipment and appliances after use.
  8. Thaw the turkey completely before frying. Nothing spells disaster more than frying wet or frozen turkey. Do not stuff the turkey that you want to fry and make sure to follow all instructions indicated in your turkey fryer’s manual.
  9. Clean often. Grease buildup is fuel to a fire.
  10. Keep children at a safe distance. Children must at least be three feet away from the stove. Keep matches, utility lighters, and other potentially hazardous items in a storage space away from children’s reach.
  11. Keep flammables away. Remove food packaging, mitts, potholders, and other flammable items away from any heat source, such as open flames or heaters.
  12. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. There is a specific extinguisher for every type of fire. Make sure to keep one or two close by.
  13. When a fire becomes uncontrollable, leave the building. Some fires cannot be contained by a fire extinguisher. Once you’ve evacuated the property and ensured everyone else’s safety, call your local fire department right away and inform them if anyone is trapped inside. Do not return to a burning house once you’ve left it.

Disasters Do Not Pause for the Holidays. Neither Do We.

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The holidays are for having fun, but accidents can still happen no matter how careful or prepared you are. When disasters strike, we got your back!

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