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Floods often happen in Florida, which is surrounded by water and is often on the Atlantic hurricane path. Floods can happen in an instant, leading to the destruction of property and infrastructure, loss of lives, and health risks from waterborne diseases. They can cause structural and electrical damage to homes and commercial properties, which could worsen as long as the damage isn’t properly restored or repaired.

The most recent devastation caused by Hurricane Ian spared most of South Florida, but it still experienced several tornadoes and rain. It can be tough to deal with a disaster’s aftermath on your own, and not knowing where to start is normal. Restoration and cleanup companies like ServiceMaster Remediation Services know the right way to handle property damage after a flood or any other water damage event.

Before the professionals arrive, there are some actions that a property owner may take to save as much of the structure and personal belongings as possible.

To-Dos After a Flood

Check for safety hazards.

Some questions you could use to assess the damage and ensure your safety are the following:

  1. Is your home structurally secure? Flood damage can affect floors and foundations which can threaten the stability of your home. Contact the authorities to perform a safety inspection before entering the building.
  2. Is your power still on? Floods can damage your electrical systems and can cause electrical shocks. Check with your local power provider before entering your house, especially if the water level exceeds the height of your outlets.
  3. Is there a gas leak? Floods can affect gas lines, and gas leaks are extremely hazardous to health. If you suspect a gas leak, do not enter your home and call your utility company right away.
  4. Is the flood water contaminated? Floodwater often contains bacteria and sewage, putting your health at risk. As much as possible, contact with floodwaters must be avoided. If there is a need to wade through floodwaters, proper protective equipment must be worn at all times. Contact a professional right away.

Remove items within your reach.

Extract water and prevent mold.

Clean, sanitize, and restore.

Keep a running inventory.

Why is Floodwater Damage Removal Important?

As discussed, floodwater contains significant hazards that can endanger human life. Some of these are:

If your home has been flooded, it’s best to contact professionals right away for inspections and/or restoration work. This will ensure your safety and remove any doubts about your property’s condition.

Our Professional Water Damage Restoration Process in South Florida

  1. Emergency Contact – Contact ServiceMaster Remediation Services at 954-969-5906 or schedule an appointment online.
  2. Inspection and Assessment – Our trusted Estimator will perform a thorough examination of the affected area using specialized moisture-detection meters, probes, and sensors in determining the class, category, and extent of the water damage. Your Project Manager will always keep in touch with us and explain in detail every step of the way to get an overview of the damage and a recommended action plan.
  3. Water Removal – Our technicians will remove standing, trapped, and hidden water from your property using truck-mounted extractors.
  4. Structural Drying and Dehumidification – We utilize a combination of dehumidifiers and negative air machines to remove moisture from the air.
  5. Cleaning and Deodorization – Our company utilizes thermal fog, hydroxyl generators, and air scrubbers to clean, sanitize, and deodorize your home or property.
  6. Restoration and Repairs – We are a licensed General Contractor in the state of Florida and can perform repairs, restoration and remodeling if necessary.

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